Clientele includes top celebrities, industrialists, ad and theatre personalities, film stars, pop stars, diplomats  etc.

Our clients also include NRI and Foreigners from USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. 

Philosophy Behind the Label

~ Fashion is an art form
~ Clothes on  a body are akin to paint on canvas
~ Every individual needs to be dressed in a distinctive     way from another, since no two people are the same

 ~ We strive to dress our patrons in a way that they look

   and more importantly feel special.

~ Dressing up a person is building a long term relationship

The Label

~ Since 1995- Twelve years and counting

~ Going from strength to strength – from 150 sq.ft. to     now 3 large boutiques, two franchisees & available     in 6 countries.

~ Having done Fashion showings in major    international

~ Destinations – London, Los Angeles, New Jersey,     Durban,  Hongkong, Singapore & Dubai

Wedding Expo 2012

Ropaje's Western Wedding Collection by Rajesh Aiya at Fusion Wedding Expo 2012 in the Westin Perimeter Atlanta, GA.

Exclusive Interview - 9 Scoops -

 iCandy Studios to talk to Rajesh Aiya, who among many others has designed clothes for Jermaine Jackson...


Tribute to Michael Jackson

Ropaje Fashion Reborn Collection... Tribute to Michael Jackson


~ We always believe in introducing new ideas and formats for Marketing and promotional activities which are in keeping with international branding trends.

~ We were instrumental in getting a cross promotional scheme underway at Quorum Phoenix Mills where we introduced a gift voucher redeemable at other outlets in the same mall but catering to another product or service. We also planned, executed & choreographed a fashion show on the mall floor, which got incredible mileage for the entire mall complex.

~ We regularly have PR exercises where we invite our illustrious clients for wine n’ cheese or coffee n’ cookies evenings not just for interactions but also press and publicity.

~ We regularly have celebrities and famous personalities visit our boutiques which instill a sense of confidence and fell-good factor into our other present patrons.

~ Our high-ticket clients also give regular business to our neighbors who cater to other goods & services like jewellery, salons, F & B etc.